July 4th 2015

We spent this 4th of July at my husband's family cabin on Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana.  We had a blast!  Jet skiing, swimming, jumping in the lake, catching grass hoppers, it was all so much fun!  All photos were taken with a Pentax K1000 and expired film.


May 2015

It feels good to be blogging more frequently.  I've missed it.  Here are a few things going on in our world:

My 19 year old niece is living with us for the summer before she heads off to college in the fall.  We LOVE having her here!  She's artistic, creative, loves my boys and is just SO FUN to have around.  Two summers ago I taught her how to use a manual 35mm camera, so we have a blast wondering around Seattle taking photos together.

These two little monkeys!  Friends, let me tell you.  Three and half years old is hard!  Bodhi (3 1/2) was born with such a sweet disposition, a disposition that is currently hidden under his three year old obstinance.  The main things getting us through these stinker stages are huge doses of love, LOTS of cuddles, and borrowed amounts of patience.  Burl (7) went through the same stages at 3, except his difficulties were five-fold.  And I can't express enough what a kind, happy, sweet, honest, FUNNY, snugly and obedient little boy he's turned into.  And the two of them get along so well!  Alex and I sit back, look at them and think, "It's working!  The way we chose to parent is working!"  Love and kindness never fail.

My garden is so happy!  I spend as much time as I can out there.  I've been contributing weekly at Tend Collective and feel so honored to be part of that group of gardeners!  When you have a minute and want to feel inspired to improve your garden, go have a glance.

Thanks for stopping by!


A Ferry Ride in March

 (Photo by Bodhi)

(Photo by Burl)

 (Photo by Burl)

(Photo by Bodhi)

We ride the ferry at least once a week to go visit my parents who live on Whidbey Island.  We love going there!  Always with us is one of my cameras.  These pictures are from a trip we took mid-March.  I'm teaching both of my boys to use the manual camera, some of these pictures were taken by them.  All photos were taken with a Canon ae-1 program on expired film.

The weather is warming up, which means more visits to the shore!  Happy Spring, Friends!


Autumn 2014: Part Two

Some photos of a recent visit to the Center for Wooden Boats.  Fall is winding down around here, it's getting colder and I'm dreaming of living in California again someday.


Autumn 2014: Part One

Dropping in to share some glimpses of what we've been up to this season.  It's been busy and challenging at times but always full and happy.  We've been all over the Puget Sound; from ferry rides, trips to farms, and of course lots of trips to the beach.

I hope you're enjoying this time of year as well.